New ‘war for talent’ is approaching

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According to a research of KPMG, a new battle for talent presents itself on the international labour market now that the global economy is recovering. The younger generation of talents is less likely to commit themselves to one company for the course of their entire professional lives. This results in a new war for talent, affecting both retention and recruitment. 60% of the HR managers say that they are looking for a fundamentally different way of recruitment and selection in order to be successful. This difficulty to fill jobs is also emphasized by ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey 2014, that focuses on the many difficulties that employers have finding the right talent.

Job opportunities in Europe and China

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Job opportunities for bright Chinese scientists, engineers and managers in positions amongst others System Install EngineerTest Engineers, Account Manager, Research Scientists, PhD candidates. Check for more information our latest newsletter or give us a call.

First Innovation Talk 2014 steers discussion on IP

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The first Innovation Talk 2014 steers animated discussion on Intellectual Property Rights last week. Eric Lodder,  Chief Financial Officer of DSM China, states in his presentation that companies should focus on patenting their technologies. “Patent, patent, patent!”, exclaims the CFO steering a heated response from the audience, where some tech start-up entrepreneurs argue that IP is somewhat outdated and does not steer innovation especially in an open source environment. Other discussion topics are reversed innovation, innovation processes like scrum methodology and human capital with various expert speakers including Huw Andrews (PwC), Frederic Liberman (Yves Rocher Group), Liu Yan (AskLab) and Robin Young (Seedlink Technologies). The Innovation Talks is a new initiative from International Top Talent to mingle MNC’s, SME’s, Strategy Consultants and Start-ups to discuss on various innovation topics. The initiative is co-organised with Hult International Business School and the Innovation Platform of the Bencham. Next Talk will be scheduled in September 2014.

Chinese senior executives say they will boost R&D expenditures

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KPMG’s 2014 Global Manufacturing Outlook (GMO) shows that Chinese senior executives in the manufacturing industry want to focus more on innovation and R&D. 83% of the Chinese manufacturers say they had spent 1% or less of total revenues on R&D, but they want to change that and double or even triple their R&D expenditures in the coming two years. This trend suits with China’s ambition to become more innovative, which is also shown by discussions on China being the next Silicon Valley. Everybody agrees that besides doubling R&D expenditures, good Chinese research talents are key in contributing to China’s ambition of becoming a new innovative power.

ITT and partner Seedlink Tech present

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International Top Talent (ITT) and Chinese partner Seedlink Tech are proud to present, a new recruitment tool that leads to faster and better talent matches. Take a look at the video and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Innovation Talks© 2014, 10 June 2014, Shanghai

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International Top Talent launches a new initiative to learn, create, inspire and connect together on the topic of China’s innovation. On the 10th of June 2014 the Innovation Talks© 2014 will take place in Shanghai. During the Innovation Talks© you will be able to discuss together with experts from different industries about reversed innovation, technology & talent, and agile business models. Take a look at the invitation for more information.
Please send an email to Ms. Stefanie Candela to register.

China’s upcoming innovation

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Innovation is becoming more and more important in Asia, and China is leading the Asian pack. A research, conducted by Laboratory Equipment, shows how R&D is shifting from Western countries towards Asia, and China in particular. China is the second-largest R&D investing country in the world and will surpass the U.S. before the end of the decade. In the mobile phone market, China is already an innovative world leader, as shown by this interesting CNN article. China’s mobile phone innovations show the Chinese possibility to be creative and could well be a prelude for more Chinese innovations in all kind of different industries.

Technical talent critical for economic growth

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77% of the executives in the global innovation sector are planning to enlarge their workforce in the coming year. However, 9 out of 10 say that to find the talent to do so is a real challenge. This was presented in the Innovation Economy Outlook 2014 study, conducted by the Silicon Valley Bank. It shows the great importance of suitable talent in the innovation sector. The same is emphasized in an article by the Brookings Institution , which points out the importance of scientists and engineers in the workforce. In order to ensure a country’s ‘economic strength, national defense, and quality of life’, a strong science and engineering workforce is needed.

International Top Talent explains on BNR Newsradio

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On Thursday 16 April Dutch BNR Newsradio interviewed our co-founder Rina Joosten about that helps in selecting the right candidates for open job positions. This new technology automatically ranks applicants’ answers to questions in an unbiased and data-driven way. Listen to the interview (from 44:45 on, in Dutch) and learn more about ITT and our new cutting edge recruitment technology.

HULT International Business School Career Open House Event 2014

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On Saturday 12 April 2014, International Top Talent (ITT) participated in the Career Open House Event hosted by HULT International Business School on their Shanghai Campus located on Fuzhou Road. HULT International Business School is a global institution cultivating MBA, Executive MBA, Master students with exceptionally valuable and enduring education. ITT was invited to participate in the event to provide career opportunities and advice for the MBA students and Alumni. ITT was happy to meet top MBA candidates with diverse background and trained to be good international leaders in their fields. The HULT MBA students were enthusiastic about the open positions that ITT provided and further cooperation with ITT in long term. Companies like DSM, Ford Motor and Hays also participated.